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surfboard skins
surfboard skins

Enhance Your Surfboard’s Performance and Aesthetics with Paulownia Surfboard Skins.

Unparalleled Beauty :

Our meticulously handcrafted surfboard skins, featuring carefully selected Paulownia wood strips, create stunning mirror-like patterns that will turn heads on the waves. Each skin is a unique work of art, ensuring your board reflects not only your surfing style but also your discerning taste.

Sustainable Choice:

Embrace a greener future for surfing. Paulownia wood is a rapidly renewable resource, making our skins an environmentally responsible selection for surfers who value both performance and the planet.

Seamless Application:

Designed for effortless integration, our skins are ideal for constructing hollow surfboards or covering EPS cores. Delivered pre-planed and calibrated, they guarantee a smooth and efficient application process, minimizing shaping time.

Superior Durability:

We prioritize long-lasting performance. Every joint utilizes top-of-the-line, ultra water-resistant D4 glue, renowned for its exceptional strength and flexibility. This ensures your board maintains its structural integrity and stunning aesthetics, regardless of the chosen finish (resin, varnish, or oil).

Customization Tailored to You:

Understanding that every surfboard is unique, we offer customizable thicknesses ranging from 3mm to 10mm. This allows you to perfectly match the construction of your board for optimal performance.

Elevate your surfing experience with Paulownia surfboard skins.

Contact us today to discuss how our handcrafted skins can transform your board into a masterpiece of performance and style.


  • Surfboard skins are made from carefully selected, high-quality natural wood strips.
  • The blanks are ready to use immediately, with a planed and calibrated finish.
  • Optionally, darker wood strips can be added.
  • This product is 99% ecological and sustainable.
  • The glue used is D4, which is completely water-resistant. Our skins can be used directly, coated only with protective oil.
  • Although standard thicknesses are 5mm and 9mm, we can produce the thickness the customer seeks as we work with natural paulownia sawn boards.


Due to the multiple size possibilities for surfboard skins, we will only display the standard ones:

  • 2400 x 600 x 5 mm

57,60 €

( VAT excluded )

  • 2400 x 600 x 9 mm

72,58 €

( VAT excluded )

Contact us to discuss other sizes or options.