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Paulownia Alaia Blanks

paulownia alaia blanks

Alaia Blanks

Experience the rich heritage of surfing with our handcrafted Paulownia Alaia blanks.

These specialty boards, meticulously constructed from premium Paulownia wood, are designed specifically for shaping traditional Alaia surfboards. Whether you’re a seasoned shaper or embarking on your first Alaia creation, our blanks provide the perfect foundation for building a board steeped in history and performance.

Paulownia: The Ideal Choice for Alaia Surfboards

  • Lightweight Strength: Paulownia’s exceptional weight-to-strength ratio allows for lightweight boards that retain optimal rigidity. This translates to a responsive ride that carves effortlessly through waves.
  • Carefully Selected Wood: We source only the finest Paulownia wood, ensuring each blank possesses the ideal grain structure and consistency for shaping Alaia surfboards.
  • Counteracting Grain Tension: Our meticulous selection and gluing process counteracts potential tensions caused by the wood’s grain direction. This results in a stable and predictable blank, ready to be shaped into your vision.

Two Blank Options to Suit Your Needs:

  • Traditional Flat Panel: Embrace the pure essence of Alaia shaping with our classic flat Paulownia blank. This blank allows for complete creative freedom, letting you shape the board from a flat starting point.
  • Pre-Shaped Technical Blank: For those seeking a head start on shaping, we offer a pre-formed Paulownia blank. This blank features a gentle curve and a bamboo core sandwiched between two Paulownia wood layers. This innovative design provides a solid base for shaping more technical and modern Alaia surfboards.

Water-Resistant Polyurethane Glue:

We utilize water-resistant polyurethane glue to join the Paulownia slats. This glue offers superior flexibility compared to resin, allowing the Alaia to adapt seamlessly to the water’s movement during riding.

Elevate Your Alaia Shaping Experience:

Our Paulownia Alaia blanks are more than just wood; they’re a gateway to connecting with the rich history of surfing.

Order your Paulownia Alaia blank today and embark on your Alaia shaping adventure!

Traditional Alaia blank:


  • Flat and rectangular Paulownia handmade board.
  • Selected wood placed and glued individually to reduce tension to avoid deformations.
  • Made with laminated planks glued with PU D4 water resistant glue.
  • Selected high quality paulownia wood.
  • Each blank is individually made.


  • Two lengths: 2200 mm and 2400 mm.
  • Width of 500 mm.
  • Thickness of 22 mm.
From 75 €

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Paulownia alaia blanks

Pre-curved Alaia blank:


  • Handmade Paulownia and bamboo board.
  • Composed of two pressed Paulownia boards and a bamboo sheet in the middle. Forming a paulownia+bamboo+paulownia sandwich.
  • Selected high quality paulownia wood.
  • The paulownia boards are made with laminated boards and glued with PU D4 glue.
  • Bamboo sheet 0.6 mm thick and placed with the grain in a direction 90º in relation of the wood.
  • The blank is pre-curved with a slightly rocker at the front and a single concave occupying 2/3 of the length.
  • Ultra resistant without any natural elasticity loss.
  • Length of 2200 mm.
  • Width of 500 mm.
  • Thickness 22 mm.


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Paulownia alaia blanks

Selected high quality paulownia wood