The Paulownia Natural Growers Project

We start a new year and also a new website. Many things have happened since 2012 that we will start marketing our own paulownia wood grown in Valencia. I want to sincerely thank all our customers, shapers and friends all over Europe, who have accompanied us during the journey, for all the help and advice received.

It has given us incredible life experience over the years. From here my most sincere thanks to all.

After 10 years of working and supplying wood in many different formats, my son, Miquel Jr., has broken through.

For the past few years, he has been progressively developing new projects related to the day-to-day operations of Paulownia Natural Growers. Beyond the supply of wood and blanks, he has been learning, improving and consolidating confidence with the techniques of construction and finishing of kiteboards and surfboards with paulownia wood.

The results are absolutely spectacular.

So, we begin with great enthusiasm, like those of the first day, a new stage that will also include the creation of new products, handmade, of our brand now available from the web. We love challenges, otherwise we wouldn’t be where we are.

We take a new step in the quality of our work. If we were already self-demanding, now much more so.